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Laurent Imagery
Wedding & family photographer in Kent, United Kingdom

Laurent Imagery


Hi, my name is Laurent. I have found my passion to photography long time ago but it was waiting for the right time to hit me. The time came 3 years ago when my daughter was born and my amazing wife, which is my biggest supporter and assistant, encouraged me to finally start doing what I love.

Since then I have photographed millions of things and people as I was still trying to find what I like most and what I am best at.


So there them are: your emotions on your wedding day, love to your family, stopping the moment and making unforgettable age memories of your children and finally creating the most incredible photos you’ve seen of yourself.

When I’m not creating photos for my amazing clients, I enjoy staying active, traveling and making memories with my friends and family. Obviously my camera travels with me everywhere I go as I can’t miss a chance to photograph breathless landscapes.